dacadoo updates, Staying motivated

dacadoo updates, Staying motivated

September 23, 2014

dacadoo diary – Week Four

dacadoo diary - Week Four - Image credit: Thinkstock/iStock

Using the dacadoo health platform has quickly become a regular habit, I’m pleased to say. The format is simple enough to use and allowing me to connect my other fitness gadgets just reduces the amount of time that I have to spend submitting my data, rather than making it more complicated.

I prefer the mobile app to the website I have to admit, as I can use it on the go, while I’m on the train or having a drink with my friends. It fits in better around my life, rather than me having to be sat down at a computer. The mobility of the dacadoo health app means that if I forget my fitness gadgets I don’t have to completely forget about my workout as I can still manually upload it.

I am a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding in a couple of weeks so I’ve really been stepping up my workout routine and the dacadoo health platform has really helped to encourage me and track my performance.

I’ve noticed how much more difficult running has become since I had my holiday, which would have normally deterred me. However, having access to the dacadoo data means that I can easily and simply track how well I am doing and how quickly I am getting my running times down.

This is encouraging as it can be easy to not see any changes or progression from one day to the next. However, by logging my runs each day or my weight I can see how well I am doing even though it feels like I’m achieving nothing, especially compared to what I have done in the past.

With the wedding just around the corner I’m paying close attention to my diet and trying to eat as clean as possible, which is further spurred on by the dacadoo health coach. I haven’t found the nutritional questions annoying at all, especially as you can control how many times a day or week it sends them to you. I think this is another advantage of having the dacadoo app as this is another thing I can do on my smartphone on the train to or from work.