dacadoo updates, Staying motivated

dacadoo updates, Staying motivated

September 9, 2014

dacadoo diary – Week Two

Diary - Week Two

My dacadoo diary week two

I’ve been getting more into the swing of things and making it part of my routine to record my fitness and nutrition into dacadoo. I’ve found it helpful as I have a holiday coming up towards the end of the month and I really want to look and feel my best for the occasion.

I also won’t be sticking to my normal healthy routine while I’m away so I want to make sure that I’m being good before I leave.

I’ve tried to change my attitude from being completely focused (almost obsessed) with losing weight and agonising over every pound lost or gained, to concentrating on what I’m doing day-to-day. This is for two reasons: the scales can be misleading as more pounds doesn’t also mean you’ve been bad, and I think it encourages silly dieting rather than having a healthy lifestyle.

From my experience of using dacadoo, it has really helped me take the focus from weight loss to tracking my health and making sure I’m doing the right things every day.

In preparation for my holiday, I’ve been sticking to my healthy eating with fewer treats but I’ve also been stepping up my exercise routine. I haven’t really been running much further but I’ve been trying to cut down the amount of time it takes me to complete 5km.

I’m not really competitive when it comes to beating other people, but I’ve found that using dacadoo has made me really eager to reduce the time. I’ve found myself googling ways to reduce your running time and asking my fitness friends, most of the advice I got was related to what you eat, which makes sense. This has encouraged me even more to think about what I am putting inside my body, and remember what I am telling my dacadoo fitness coach that I do every day.

On days where I’ve had a ridiculous day at work and the commute has taken it out of me, I find dacadoo lifts me to go out for a run. Not only do I find that running relieves any stress or anger from the day, but it’s often on these days that I run my fastest times.

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