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Winners of the dacadoo World Cup 2014 Challenge


End of World Cup 2014 Challenge

Like the exciting 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil the public dacadoo Global Challenge World Cup 2014 came to an end. So it is time to have a bit of a closer look at the results of this fun challenge!

dacadooWorldCupChallenge2014We all know that Europe is crazy about football and therefor it does not surprise us that many European teams qualified for this year’s World Cup. The situation in our challenge is not much different: Almost half the contestants where from Europe. Unfortunately, many great football nations like England and the former World Champion Spain left the tournament in its early stage. And despite its many contestants, the continent of Europe could not reach the pole position in our challenge either.

South America made the top 3 with almost the double normalized energy. Knowing that Argentina made the Cup finals, this does not surprise us. And let us not forget the famous bite-attack by Uruguayan player Suarez! That sure looked like a lot of energy, too…

With just 5% of MET/h more than South America, Asia secured the second place. Here we start differ from the World Cup. Korea and Japan were the only two Asian nations that qualified for the World Cup in Brazil. Maybe our Asian participants preferred the high art of Kung Fu to playing football? Anyways, they sure seem to be very fit.

And the first place goes to Oceania!
Who would have thought? Although Australia is considered more of a rugby nation, they did well during the World Cup. And so we congratulation the continent of Oceania on their glorious victory in the Global Challenge World Cup 2014