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Challenge insights for CTP Sport Challenge


Great insights from the last corporate CTP Sport Challenge on the dacadoo Health Score platform.

50 participants, all aorund the world, in 13 teams burned together : 9328 METs (652’939 kCal) Top sports activities have been walking, cycling, running, mountain hiking and mountain biking with a total set back distance of 9’537 km; this equals going straight from Nyon in France to Moscow in Russia and Hong Kong in China.

Duration: 1 month – June 2nd 2014 at 00:00 and July 1st 2014 at 23:59 You can see the current photos on the CTP Facebook page

Top activities CTP challenge

Piechart: Entries VS MET’s

Overall workout types and total generated MET. Interesting detail is that althought Walking workouts represent 30% of all the entries, but contributes only to 10% of the total MET sum.

entries VS stats - CTP challenge

Activity overview

Consolidation of all tracked activities during the duration of the CTP Sport Challenge. No big surprise that Walking and Cycling and Running are the top three activities. Interesting that Wakeboarding and Cardio dance have been tracked :-)

Consolidation of activities - CTP challenge