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All Sports Challenge


Hello dacadooers!

It’s time for the next public challenge and this time, you compete against each other as individuals and across ANY fitness activity. The challenge starts Sunday 11th of May 2014 and lasts for only 30 days.

All sports tracking allowed dacadoo
Enjoy your most preferred workouts or try out tracking new activities with dacadoo, as you can track > 110 different activities during this challenge period. Manual entries are allowed as well as uploads from other trackers. Keep on the good vibes and sign up for this challenge.

If you are not yet registered on dacadoo then click on the following link to become a dacadoo user: As a new user you can use the platform free for 60 days. If you are already a dacadoo user, log onto the dacadoo platform, click on the Competition tab and then on Challenges to join the All Sports Challenge.