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Supported devices/apps

April 30, 2014

Installation of Samsung Gear 2 with dacadoo


Upon popular request, we are sharing this step by step getting started description on how to install and connect the dacadoo app from your Samsung smartphone with your Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch.

Samsung Gear 2 dacadoo Health ScoreSamsung Gear 2 dacadoo Live Recording

Troubleshooting – read first:
(28th of Mai 2014) dacadoo gear app update avaiable. We recommend to update to the latest version.
(30 April 2014) If you install the dacadoo app on the Samsung smartphone from Google Play store first, then try to install the dacadoo app from the Samsung Gear manager, then the process does not work. Essentially the Samsung Gear 2 app does not appear on the Samsung smartwatch. If the user has the dacadoo app pre-installed on their smartphone, then also the same problem. They must first unistall it and reinstall from the Samsung Gear 2 app store.



dacadoo health score on samsung gear 2

  1. Installing: Gear 2 on your Samsung smartphone
    1. On your Samsung smartphone go to Samsung Apps (app store)
    2. In the Samsung App store search for the keyword “Samsung Gear Manager”
    3. Select “Samsung Gear Manager” and then click on the button “Free” to install the app on your smartphone.
    4. Press “Accept and download” on the upcoming screen “App permissions”
  2. Installating: dacadoo app on your Samsung smartphone
    1. Open “Samsung Gear Manager” app
    2. Click on “Samsung Apps”
      gear2Got a hint to go to Gear Manager
    3. Press “Health and Fitness”
      gear2 select category
    4. Choose “dacadoo”
      gear2 app screen
    5. Install the dacadoo app. Click on the button “Free” to install the app on your smartphone.
    6. Login with your dacadoo credentials (email & password) to dacadoo on the Samsung smartphone.
  3.  Installating: dacadoo on Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch
    1. Open Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch and go to “Apps” and swipe to “dacadoo”. One tab to open.
      dacadoo health score on samsung gear 2
    2. Track a workout activity. Start tracking a workout on the dacadoo app in the Samsung smartphone.
    3. Check your smartwatch on your wrist and see real-time workout information!
      Live Workout Dacadoo Samsung Gear 2