dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

October 31, 2013

dacadoo Platform Release 2.8.0


New features on the dacadoo health score web platform release 2.8.0

Stress can have a significant impact on your health and dacadoo is proud to announce the launch of its stress tracker that is fully integrated in the dacadoo health score platform.


dacadoo developed  in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Technology Institute of Zurich (ETH Zurich) an innovative method to capture your stress level using a smartphone to collect data, instead of going through long questionnaires to do so. The dacadoo Stress Tracker sends you a very short questionnaire end of day, uses the sensors of your smartphone to capture your surroundings and asks you for one or more voice samples during the day. You will receive a stress score which influences your overall dacadoo health score. Additionally, you can include an overnight Heart Rate Variability (HRV) reading using a compatible heart rate band. All HRV supported devices here.

The Stress Tracker communicates with you via the dacadoo notification inbox on the web platform and on the mobile apps.


After 10 days of valid data entries, the dacadoo Stress Tracker will fully activate and display the short and long term stress levels on a graph. In the “Me” tab you will find a new menu item called “Stress Tracker” which contains the graphical and the table view of the stress data. You can also adjust your settings in this page. Below follow examples of the table view and the graphical view:


Depending on what level of stress you are – low / medium / high – dacadoo offers some suggestions on how you can work on reducing your stress level.


Feedback loop
dacadoo is capturing real-time lifestyle activity data of its members in addition to all other gathered data around the body and emotional wellbeing, and it can therefore provide meaningful personalized feedback to you (via the dacadoo mascot and coach called “Q”). The first application of using light artificial intelligence and feedback loop was the launch of the dacadoo nutrition coach, and this key feedback capability will be gradually expanded to other lifestyle activities and dacadoo will continue to strengthen the feedback provided by the dacadoo platform to create a circle of positive reinforcement. For this purpose the term feedback loop encompasses mechanics designed to keep the user motivated by means of feedback, leading to the internalization of the motivation, and ultimately resulting in sustained behavior change. Now, we’re happy to announce that we’re introducing feedback on achievements, levels, challenges, leagues and news comments.

  • News Comments
  • Level Gained
  • Achievement earned
  • Challenge (begin, end, status)
  • League (begin, end)

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