Latest on dacadoo challenges

Latest on dacadoo challenges

October 26, 2013

Winners: Summer cycling booster!


We are very proud to announce the winners of the “Summer cycling booster!” public walking challenge that ended this morning the 25th of October 2013 at 00:00 o’clock.

Alejandro Callejo has won the Summer cycling booster! challenge.

challenge winners


Summer cycling booster! – Leaderboard – Friday 25 October 2013

Rank Challenger Distance [km]
1. Alejandro 2478.5 km
2. Morten 1650.7 km
3. Glen 1082.6 km
4. Stefan 769.8 km
5. Lukas 766.9 km
6. Marcel 682.9 km
7. Gabriela 555.3 km
8. Kerstin 514.8 km
9. Anja 505.7 km
10. Maik 491.4 km

You are free to post your own results and comments in the comment section below.

Alejandro Callejo 1st place, France:
I love the dacadoo challenges, especially the ones that last for a few months and where a good number of people sign up. That adds the little bit of extra motivation, that sometimes I need, to get on the bike and hit the road. I find that a friendly competition does a very good job at keeping motivation high. The dacadoo team does a great job setting up these global challenges for us.

winner_Alejandro Callejo


Glenn Casey 3rd place, Australia:

winner Glenn CaseyJust your average guy wanting to get fitter I dusted the bike off and started riding. I was riding without a goal or a purpose and the training was suffering. Then I allowed myself to be talked into entering a charity bike ride, about 5 times the maximum distance I had ever ridden and then back it up the next day with the same distance. I needed a training partner and I chose Dacadoo, this helped with the goal setting, measurement and motivation I needed which enabled me to complete the charity bike ride and enjoy the experience.

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