dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

September 17, 2013

Platform Release 2.7.0


New features announcement for the dacadoo health score platform release 2.7.0

  1. Weekly health score email
  2. Ability to track and record sleep
  3. Goals have been re-fined

Your weekly health score report by email

dacadoo weekly health score report

Your personal health score report will be emailed to you on a weekly basis and gives you a quick and full overview of how you are progressing on the health score platform, including;

  • Health score breakdown – your personal health score breakdown (My activities, My body and My feelings) and how these have progressed from the previous week.
  • Latest statistics – on workout activities, calories, steps and body weight recorded during the week.
  • Recent activity – relating to new friends, goals and any reminders you have set.
  • Ranking – how your score and level compares against your friends.


Track and record your sleep

Integrate sleep data from supported external devices such as FitBit and BodyMedia devices to the dacadoo health score platform and visualize it in the journal pages on the web platform. Also, allow manual entry of sleep data directly on the web platform. The sleep tracker being one of the components of the “My Activities” pillar will be included in the health score calculation, once fully activated.

dacadoo sleep journal

Refined Goal functionality

Goals are available since a while on the dacadoo health score platform. As you know, you can create and take part in goals on the health score platform with 3 different types to choose from:

  1. Activity Goals – set goals relating to specific workout activities.
  2. Weight Goals – set goals to track your body weight.
  3. Achievement Goals – set goals to earn certain health score achievements.

To create a goal, click on the “+” button to create a workout or weight goal, or go to the specific journal pages in the “me” tab for workouts and weight. To change an achievement into a goal, click on the specific achievement in the achievement section of the “Me” tab.

Once a goal is created, you can also invite friends to join you in attaining this goal. Click on the goals page in the “me” tab and on the specific goal, and invite your friends directly in the prepared boxes for this purpose.

To view a summary of your goals and the progress you have made, click on the ‘Goals’ page under the ‘Me’ tab.

dacadoo goals screen

Based on user feedback in the past couple of months, we worked on several usability improvements that we are introducing in this release and that should improve the user journey.

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