dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

September 6, 2013

New dacadoo app v2.2


With the dacadoo release 2.2 we have released new dacadoo Apps for Apple IOS, all Android smartphones and BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry dacadoo App v 2.2 planned  in about 2 weeks from today (06.09.2013)

What’s new with the latest dacadoo app release?

  • Introduction of the newsfeed
  • Improved manual workout entry user journey
  • Enhance App information display
  • Fixed various minor bugs


So the big news is that you the new dacadoo App gives you a simple way to access all your dacadoo news on the go. Like on the web platform we have added a option to let you filter only your own news or display all news of your friends and your own.

dacadoo app - iPhone newsfeed

The more active friends you will have the more news items you will see. Every item can be selected for further details and with the option to leave a comment. The default setting is that for every comment you write your friend will also receive a email notification with the comment you made so that they will not miss it.

dacadoo app - android newsfeed

If you track a GPS workout you are now able to check the map workout of your own or your friends workout directly in the dacadoo app.

dacadooa app - BlackBerry newsfeed


Manual workout entry user journey

The new manual workout entry user journey for iPhone users.

dacadoo app - iPhone manual-entry

dacadoo app - Android manual-entry

The dacadoo tracker app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry allows automatically tracking your fitness activities and getting access to your personal dacadoo health score in real-time.

Download the free dacadoo app for here here:

dacadoo apps
Download the dacadoo Tracker for the iPhonedacadoo BlackBerry tracker


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