dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

August 20, 2013

Platform Release 2.6.0


New Features Announcement for the dacadoo platform release 2.6.0


Challenges for daily steps are here!

You can now create challenges for daily steps on the dacadoo health score platform. Using a compatible pedometer device to track your steps, you can compete with your friends individually or in teams to:

  • Track the most steps during a defined time period.
  • Be the first to track a specified number of steps in a defined time period
  • Track the most days with more than the specified number of steps during a defined time period

To create a challenge for daily steps, click on the ‘+‘-button on the top navigation on your dacadoo health score platform and select “Create a challenge” from the menu list. Select “daily steps” as challenge category and follow the instructions.

Usability improvements

Usability improvements

In an ongoing process to simplify the navigation on the dacadoo health score platform, we now introduce the new ‘Me’ tab that holds all information about you. By clicking on this tab, you will see a newly created “General” menu group on left side containing the following:

  • Overview: see the direction your dacadoo health score is moving in and how you compare to your friends. .
  • Profile: view a breakdown of your personal profile and what you have achieved so far.
  • Health score: a full breakdown of your dacadoo health score and what makes up your score.
  • Friends: an alphabetical list of your friends on the dacadoo health score platform.
  • Achievements: view the achievements you have been awarded and those you are progressing towards.
  • User directory: search for friends, invite people to join and manage your social network connections.

When you click on specific friends, you will now have a completely reworked navigation to visit your friends with “Profile”, “Goals”, “Friends”, “Achievements” and “Workouts” to visit, as long as your friends allow you to see these details.

Finally, the home tab has been renamed to “News” tab where you can select between your own news and all news (all, me).

Have fun with the new dacadoo version.

Your dacadoo team

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