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dacadoo wins at Health Media Award 2013


dacadoo has won the Health Media Award 2013 in the category “journalism”. After evaluation of the voting sheets of the comitee “dacadoo – It’s all about you” has scored a total of 351 points.

The “Health Media Award 2013″ took place on the evening of Friday 6. July 2013 in Cologne, Germany. The ceremony of the 6th Health Media Award was held this year at the prestigious Musical Dome of Cologne. There were many companies competing for prizes in the various categories.

This is great news as the award is gaining importance each year. As this turned out to be a little adventure, I thought I showed you my photo album of the evening.

Health Media Award 2013 Night

The Health Media Award 2013 event

There were about 150-200 people present with people from politics, medicine and media, all from Germany. They presented all shortlisted companies in all 6 categories with 60-second spots, and then invited the winners up to the stage to retrieve the category prizes which in this case was a modern art statuette. As I had to catch the last plane back from Düsseldorf to Zurich at 9:00pm and it took me 1 hour to get from Cologne to Düsseldorf, I started to get a little nervous, as by 7:00 pm, they were still nowhere with the distribution of prizes, and my taxi to the train station was already waiting…

dacadoo winning the award

At 7:10pm they finally showed our brand-new video that Yago produced for supported devices but it still helped to show what we do. After they called the winners up and we took some pictures, the journalist asked me to stay, so she could do a few Q&As on dacadoo. I think that was great, as we got some additional air time, and she didn’t do it with other winners before. The clock continued to tick…

The 2013 award prize

We got it and we’re happy we did. :-) What surprised all winners was the fact that the statuette was still wet and soft, as it just came out of the kitchen and the artists apologized for it…

Taxi ride –minus 2 arms

So here I run out to the taxi to bring me to the train station. Result after arriving there: 2 arms broke off the statuette… …and I was completely white, as the material was chalk and it was still soft and therefore colored. Obviously got some weird looks in the train but hey, what you all do for bringing a medal home ;-)

Düsseldorf airport – nearly the first arrested dacadoo employee

Given I was running very late, I ran up to the gates but was barred at the X-rays. After a long discussion and me trying all desperate tricks of persuasion with the lady guard, the result was she menaced me to call security. Our little statuette could kill people as it could be used as a weapon… …so I ran back to the check-in to find some flabbergasted agents who didn’t know what to do with it. Executive quick & dirty decision and we packed it in a box with lots of “fragile” stickers and off it went. I didn’t want to think too much about what would be left over when arriving in Zurich…

Arriving in Zurich

OK, I admit, this doesn’t look so good inside the box…


Next day

It didn’t look much better in the box the next day either, but the good news was, I had all pieces incl. the 2 arms who broke off in the taxi… …so, I went to buy a glue. May I introduce our completely repaired 2013 Health Media Award


Our Health Media Award 2013 prize

Health Media Award 2013

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