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May 14, 2013

Quantified Self Europe 2013 Amsterdam

QuantifiedSelf 2013 Amsterdam

This weekend I attended the fourth Quantified Self conference which took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was a great turnout with about 300 people in attendance and 90 collaborative learning talks & presentations! The “Breakout Sessions” and “Show & Tell” presentations showed first-hand experiences of how data is being collected and explored in order to better understand personal life.

Quantified Self Conference

According to the current Wikipedia Quantified Self entry – The Quantified Self is a movement to incorporate technology into data acquisition on aspects of a person’s daily life in terms of inputs. The official Conference goal is to learn what others are doing in their Quantified Self practice.

  • What did you do?
  • How did you do it?
  • What did you learn?

Quantified Self 2013 Amsterdam

If I had to describe the conference participants I would say there where definitively more than a few advanced users, aka, designers, entrepreneurs, journalists a few health professionals, quite some scientists – all of them had the creative innovative “hacker” DNA. From a international view there where many people from all over Europe and from the US. From a visual point of view we had attendees with dark, blond, pink, green and no hair at all. :-)

Garry Wolf and Ernesto Ramirez

Garry Wolf and Ernesto Ramirez

Overall the conference was more than enriching experience. It’s nice to see so many other minds that work on complex Quantified life questions.


QuantifiedSelf conference 2013 in Amsterdam with Garry Wolf and Ernesto Ramirez moderating. Day one.



Quantifiying about emotions – Happy emotions and mood word-cloud visual with @Moodscope

900 hours-mail-and-socialmedia

Tracking data: 900h mail and social networks mesured by @rescuetime


Discussion about Life logging with @memoto at QuantifiedSelf Amsterdam


Overtraining syndrome – measuring training exhaustion and readiness with Jasper Kalweis. 2 days of resting is not enough


Tracking food habits and learning about them


Stress tracking – 80% less stress outdoor than indoor.


Combining QuantifiedSelf with IoT for effective motivation – Charlampos Doukas



QuantifiedSelf Art = Offline (hand written) daily life QS Infographic by Merel Brouns


Between the Show & Tell, talks, breakout sessions, ignity talks, interviews and balcony office hours there were obviously a few talks and sessions I wasn’t able to attend. Next time I will bring a few clones of myself so I do not miss anything.




Interactive conversation

This was a real interactive conference with on-going conversations during or after the talks in the lunch breaks in real-life and digital – especially on twitter. During the entire QS conference participants have been very active tweeting on the conference Twitter stream with the hashtag #QSEU13

Here my personal favorite conference quotes


“Sitting is the new smoking” #qseu13 – Michael Reuter@michaelreuter


“Privacy is just a side effect of not being connected” just over heard at #qseu13 via @buster – Ian Forrester@cubicgarden


“We are at a Gutenberg moment of healthcare” (#FMT @ #qseu13) – Yuri van Geest Moving @vangeest

Self reflection

“I am who I am because of things I do.” #QSEU13 Ernesto Ramirez@eramirez


Conference topics summary

Nutrition – This is what I ate – (Ellis Bartholomeus)
Nutrition – The Effect of Reintroducing carbs into a paleo diet (Winslow Strong)
Sleep –  How I got started with sleep tracking (Jan Geerte Munneke)
Sleep –  My journey with sleep monitoring (Christel De Maeyer)
Stress –  Automatic stress tracking in everyday life (Matteo Lai)
Stress – Stressing out loud (Steven Jonas)
Weight – Activity tracking and weight loss: Apps and gadgets in pratice (Arne Tensfeldt)
IOT – QuantifiedSelf and Internet-of-things for more motivation (Charalampos Doukas)
Lifeloging –  Memoto lifeloging camera
Meditation – Brain function (Peter Lewis)

More details

Hans De Zwart has done a awesome job with a full detailed conference blog article which can be read here and from fastmovingtargets you will find many conference video interviews here on youtube. From a biohackers point pf view you can read Winslow Strong blogarticle here.

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