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Interview 5th 2013 Kickoff Challenge


Kickoff Challenge Winner

The 2013 Kickoff Challenge has successfully ended and the dacadoo team congratulates Marco to his 5th place!

Marco Buehler Winner Interview

(Q1) Has your life changed with QUENTIQ?
No, I am just more aware of my acitivities during the week

(Q2) Do you have a (professional) sports background and did or do you participate in competitions?
I am a hobby triathlete and finished two Ironmans ages ago

(Q3) How or where did you find dacadoo?
Somebody from Deutsche Telekom told me about it

(Q4) What is your motivation?
Stay fit & healthy. What you measure is what you get.

(Q5) How did you feel being in the top 5 ranking of the “2013 Kickoff” challenge?

(Q6) Do you have any advice to share?
Look forward to your sport acitivity everyday and see it as a gift that you can do it.

(Q7) What’s the next big personal goal in your life?
Participating in the 1st Ulm Triathlon in July & Learning to play the piano (again after 30 years…)