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3rd place XMAS Calorie-Burner Challenge


The Pre-XMAS Calorie-Burner Challenge has successfully ended and the whole dacadoo team congratulates Toni to the 3rd place!


He has burned during 30 days 592.8 MET h which are around 44’460 calories! The MET value is a Metabolic Equivalent of Task, representing the intensity of an activity, independent of an individual’s weight, which makes it useful to rank the performance of all users in the challenge.

Suunto Ambit (HR) GPS watch

Suunto Ambit (HR) GPS

This amount of energy would be equal to eating 49 plates of Spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese!


592.8 MET / h = 44’460 kcal = 49x Spaghetti plates with tomato sauce and cheese

44460kcal 49 Pasta plates


dacadoo: What was the spark that inspired you to compete in this challenge?
Tony: Since Nuffield Health made the HealthScore technology available to its wellness team back in October I have wanted to learn as much as I can about the app, including its strengths and weaknesses. This includes both the practical features of the software and the psychological impact of using it on a daily basis. Taking part in challenges was therefore a key part of this learning curve.

dacadoo: What was the highlight of this “Pre-XMAS Calorie-Burner” Challenge for you?
Tony: I had the good fortune to be on holiday during the first week of the challenge. This gave me some extra free time to commit to my training and therefore get off to a good start.

dacadoo: Do you have a (professional) sports background and did or do you participate in competitions?
Tony: Sadly not!!! I would have loved to play just about any sport professionally but lacked the talent / ability to compete at the highest level. I have completed a number of half and full marathons, and triathlons in the past. Perhaps my most notable fitness achievement was second place in the UK indoor rowing championships in my age / weight category a few years ago.

dacadoo: Was there a single motivation that kept you on track in your training? If so what was it?
Tony: My training is motivated intrinsically on both a physical and mental level. Physically, I love the different types of “body feel” that can only be achieved through a mixed and varied range of fitness activities. Functional resistance training (Kettlebells, Swiss ball, circuits, and BodyPump) compensate for my lack of natural strength and brings a feel of confidence through strength.  Yoga and BodyBalance bring a sense of lightness and ease of movement – really important with advancing years. But best of all is the feel of sustainable power that comes through endurance training.

On a mental level movement re-energises my mind and gives me a sense of achievement and value; I always feel better for it. With these positives firmly in my consciousness (and they usually are) staying consistent with my training has become something that is easier to do that not to do.

dacadoo: How did you feel after winning the challenge?
Tony: In my younger years I trained to compete, and loved doing well in competitions. Gradually I shifted focus towards competing simply to give me a reason to train, appreciating the many wellness benefits that training brings. In the last 6 or 7 years I have realised i don’t need to compete at all, as I love training for its own sake.

Therefore the challenge pulled me back to past times. I realised that I can still be strongly competitive and with it comes a feeling of excitement at the possibility of “winning” but also fear that someone might “catch me up”. At the end of the challenge I felt a sense of achievement that I had done as well as I could realistically hope for. But I also became aware of how of how external motivators “to do better than others” can sometimes get in the way of internal motivators to “respond to the true needs of my body”.

dacadoo: Any special advice for people that like to do sport?
Tony: Both fitness and skills based sports require lots and lots of training / practice to achieve expertise. Therefore developing a passion for training and practice, and enjoying them for their own sake, makes it so much easier to put in the “long hours” necessary for success. Also, adding variety to training in every way possible, through cross training, through interval training and through training with others (classes, friends or personal trainers) all reduce the effort required and increase reward from exercise.

dacadoo: What’s your next big goal?
Tony: I don’t really do training goals apart from a clear focus to do some form of exercise training every day. I am just starting my 8th year without missing a training day so I certainly hope to keep this pattern going throughout the year. Following all of the triathletes on HealthScore I may be tempted to try a short course triathlon in the spring / summer.

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