dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

December 18, 2012

New android tracker app v1.5


Update your Android QUENTIQ Tracker app now, because a major update has just been release on the Google Play Store right now!

The tracker app has been totally reworked. When you log-in you will immediately see your own profile photo and your personal Health Score. You can also see how the Health Score is trending (arrow on the top right corner of the Health Score) and on the bottom right corner of your profile photo you will see a number which indicates your current level. QUENTIQ has enabled 10 seniority levels from 1 (beginner) to 10 (expert).

QUENTIQ tracker android welcome screen with Health Score

When you swipe from right to left on the home screen you will see the your own Health Score overview, with the 3 key pillars. My Feelings (purple), My Body (blue) and My Activities (green).


QUENTIQ tracker android workout detail quentiq-tracker-android-settings-recent

Features implemented:

  • New health score layout and navigation flow
  • New user account information and profile image
  • New login page with tour, register and website link
  • Divided the help and tour page
  • Divided invite and feedback page
  • Updated the menus in the main page and workout


  • Disabled auto rotate by default
  • Functionality to show pop-up before redirecting users to external applications
  • Updated application backgrounds to make it consistent
  • Updated application buttons to make them consistent
  • Improved manual entry by adding descent field and * for required fields
  • Improved user experience while creating the Manual Entry and adding a photo
  • Ability to save and send the average value of the heart rate for Generic Workout
  • Ability to perform the logout if a 401 error from server for new requests


  • Out of memory while taking the photo for workout
  • Problem with defining of the GPS workout
  • Bug in validation  while creating the Manual Entry
  • Menu icons to make them visible on a devices with different built-in themes

QUENTIQ.COM is a secure health platform which inspires you to live a healthier life. The platform calculates your personal QUENTIQ Health Score®, the indicator of your current health status. By integrating gaming and social networking principles, QUENTIQ motivates you to be active in a fun and easy way by tracking and comparing your personal health, lifestyle and sport.


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