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December 12, 2012

IoT Quantified Self and Citizen Sensing!


IoT Quantified Self and Citizen Sensing! meet up in Zurich, Tuesday 11 December 2012. IoT is a Acronym for “Internet of Things” So yesterday I attended another local meet up here in Zurich. It’s called the Internet of Things and I highly recommend getting involved! The meet up took place at the Swisscom building at Müllerstrasse 16, Zürich (map). Near the Stauffacher stop. Swisscom, is a title sponsor of the M2M Challenge 2012, a market and ecosystem development activity challenge.

Christine Perey, IoT Organizer

In this meetup we are going to hear about projects that invite or involve the user directly in the gathering of observations. While some automation is usually also involved, our speakers will address why, when and how people, ordinary citizens, are in some cases directly and explicitly putting data about Things into or onto [sic] the Internet.

The first presentation was held from JP de Vooght (@jdevoo) about Citizen Sensing JP de Vooght is a solution architect and project manager in Internet and Mobile. JP promotes the participation of citizens in sustainability issues through hard and soft sensing. He blogs about Citizen Sensing and he talked about the array of projects he has seen and where this trend is heading.

Second presentation was from the blogger Christian Leu (@leumund) Christian is the Swiss blogger extraordinaire, he is the inventor of the DIY IoT Busstop Lampe and an early adopter of high-tech gadgets. In the context of Quantified Self, he shared his experience with Internet-connected self-tracking devices like the Withings body scale and the Nike+ sports sensor.   Florian Schumacher from Wearable Technologies  Originally Christian Stammel, CEO of Wearable Technologies AG, who established the Wearable Technologies (WTconference), was meant to speak. Unfortunately he could not attend and in his stead Florian Schumacher from WT spoke. Florian is the evangelist for the Quantified Self movement in Germany.     The IoT meet up crowd socializing at the ending Apero. Later a small group went and visited the nearby MechArtLab community:



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