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Quantified Self Meet-up Nr. 1 in Zurich


Thursday 6th December, 2012 at 19 o’clock a few people starting arriving for the first Zurich Quantified Self Meet up which took place at the main building (HG) of the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. The room was on the G floor (2 floors up from the entrance) and believe me the main building of the ETH is quite big for Swiss sizes.

Winslow Strong was the generous organizer of the “Inaugural” Quantified Self meet-up in Zurich.

Winslow describes himself as a believer in the power of self-quantification as a tool for life improvement. He wants to empower the individual to take control of their health and wellness. No one is better equipped to solve your problems than you are.

Because of the multinational attendees the meet up was held in English. This QS meet-up is the proof that Switzerland can be a early adopter country. After the successful establishing of QS meet up’s in Munich and Berlin in Germany there are now also two new QS meet up’s in Switzerland. One in Zurich and one in Geneva.

The planned meet-up agenda for Zurich looked like this:

19:00-19:45 Apéro
We can meet each other over some drinks and a bit of food.

QS meet-up Zurich Apero talking


QS meet-up Zurich Apero talking

QS meet-up Zurich Apero talking

19:45-20:00 – Biohacking experiments
Winslow Strong (organizer) – Experiments in Diet: Butter, Salt, and Carbohydrates – Winslow will discuss his dietary experiments and their effect on his weight, metabolic rate, and subjective well-being.

Winslow Strong – Experiments in Diet: Butter, Salt, and Carbohydrates

Quantification and Tracking tools of Winslow Strong – Experiments in Diet: Butter, Salt, and Carbohydrates

It was quite interesting to learn about the biohacking options – this subject was rather new for myself but very enriching. Honestly I don’t think I would submit myself for such a “torture” only eating specific food is too much like a diet to me – I enjoy eating way too much for that! Nevertheless I think depending on the kind of person you are this could be another way to tweak yourself.


20:00-20:15 – QUENTIQ
Yago Veith – QUENTIQ Demo – Yago will show us how to take advantage of the health and fitness platform QUENTIQ.

Yago Veith giving a introduction and demo about the QUENTIQ Health Platform.

I did a quick introduction to the QUENTIQ Health Platform and a live demonstration to show a few basic functionalities pretty quick in 15min. Normally I need 6 hours :-) There where a whole lot of questions regarding devices, platform, users, and also the exporting function. Actually exporting a selected workout is already enabled today.


20:15-20:30 – SenseCam
Thomas Amberg will talk about a wearable, autonomous camera called SenseCam and the experience of wearing it all day for eight months.

Thomas Amberg talking about his project with the wearable, autonomous camera called SenseCam

Footage from Thomas Amberg SenseCam project

Thomas talked about his lifelogging project. Similar to the soon to be released Memoto lifelogging camera Thomas used a SenseCam device. Optically it clearly looks like one of the first lifelogging cameras. His camera takes 3 photos each minute during the whole day.  One of the most  interesting things he said was that what he thought of as a long lasting experience was not really the longest activity he had had during the day. For example when traveling somewhere with the train for a dinnerparty he recalls most of the dinnerparty but does not remember the train ride as vividly, even so the train ride was of a longer duration.

20:30-21:30 – Informal gadget sharing
Informal gadget sharing and social hour.  If you have any devices or apps that you are using to gather data on yourself, please bring them to the meet-up for this session!

QS meet-up Zurich Apero talking

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