Improving wellbeing

Improving wellbeing

November 30, 2012

Interview with Sarah from Memoto


What is your background and your role within Memoto – in a nutshell?

I have a background in communications with a lot of experience in client relations. I’m the Community Manager at Memoto.


What is Memoto and how could this integrate with the QUENTIQ Health Platform?

Memoto is a tiny, lifelogging camera that automatically takes geo-tagged, time-stamped photos on a preset interval. The Memoto app then arranges the photos into “moments” on an easy to follow timeline and makes them searchable.

Having photos of a person’s entire day could lead to realizations about how they spend their time, what they eat, how often they meet friends, etc and how these things influence different parts of their lives. For example, you have a high level of life satisfaction after meeting certain people, or you never feel well after eating a particular food. These realizations could potentially cause future decision-making to be inspired by awareness of physical and mental behaviors allowing for positive changes in one’s life. The dacadoo Health Platform could facilitate making these connections.


How could Memoto help someone live a healthier lifestyle?

We can only speculate on ways the Memoto Camera will be used, but regarding healthy lifestyles, we imagine it could help users determine eating habits, track daily exercise, realize how much time they spend sedentary in front of a computer, etc.


What do you think will be the next digital trends?

Services that help us make our own “big data” useful. We’ve seen the rise of self-tracking services and devices but there is an overall lack of programs to help us organize and make sense of all data they create. There are a lot of meaningful connections to be made from the data and I think we’re going to start seeing more and more programs to integrate all of it and help us draw valuable conclusions.

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