Latest on dacadoo challenges

Latest on dacadoo challenges

November 21, 2012

Winner of the Health 2.0 Walking Challenge


Sophine Too who won the first place at the Health 2.0 Walking Challenge with proven walking exactly 357.7 km in one month of time, was so kind to write a short write-up of the walking challenge.

Firstly, I’d like to thank QUENTIQ for hosting such an exciting walking challenge.  Besides the fantastic health and fitness benefits I reaped from participating, I was exposed to the beautiful sceneries of Zurich.  I felt like I was visiting in Zurich without actually being there! This was only made possible by the beautiful photos of Zurich that were posted by fellow competitors, especially Yago and Matthias. Also, the comments and the occasional trash talk definitely added to the fun of participating and I even got to learn some German words in the process!

How I wish I had a better command of the German language L. That’s probably going to be one of my future challenges that I need to add to my bucket list.

I highly recommend Quentiq as it makes getting fit and healthy so much fun. Three cheers to the Quentiq team!!!

Initially I was very hesitant to join the challenge as I was training for a half marathon run that fell right in the middle of the walking challenge.  By the time I’d decided to join the challenge, I was 2 days and about 20 miles behind the front runners (no pun intended).
Incorporating walking into my running schedule at that time truly prepared me better for the half marathon since I was nursing an ITB injury.

During my walks, I was able to see and appreciate many different parts of my neighborhood in California.  That’s the added benefit of walking – the ability to “stop to smell the roses” on the way.   My only disappointment is that I was not able to achieve the goals I had set of walking 80 miles/week. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges from Matthias, Laurence and Yago.
Nochmals vielen DANK Quentiq!  (Hope that’s correct!)

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