Latest on dacadoo challenges

Latest on dacadoo challenges

October 31, 2012

Interview with BT


Brandon Too, the winner of the #1 Walk for Fitness – Public Challenge has been interviewed by dacadoo.

BT has walked more than 515.2km in a month of duration. Overall the top ten athletes collectively walked 2,091.9km

(Q1) How did it start? What was the spark that inspired you?
I was reading about the Quantified Self movement and came across dacadoo as a fitness application.

(Q2) What was the Highlight of this “Walk to Fit” dacadoo Challenge for you?
Challenging myself to walk as a sport and the exciting first two weeks against my competitors.

(Q3) Do you have a (professional) sports background and did or do you participate in competitions?
I have been an avid ultraendurance athlete for the past 4 years, competing in Ironman triathlons and 320-km cycling races.

(Q4) What was the one constant motivation that kept you on track in your training?
That I was not able to swim, bike, or run because of my injuries; so maintaining some level of fitness was a major motivator for me.

(Q5) How did you feel after winning the challenge?
I was ecstatic that I won the challenge, since I have been wanting to get a Go Pro for a very long time. Now I am looking forward to recording all my future adventures!

(Q6) Any special advice for people that like to walk a lot?
Keep on walking to open your eyes to amazing sights!

(Q7) What’s the next big goal?
After my clavicle fracture heals, I want to train slowly for adventure racing and get into trail marathons.

Thank you once again for hosting the challenge. It was a very memorable experience and it has really motivated my family and friends to exercise more as well!

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