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Interview Phillip Hiestand 3rd place


Interview with Phillip Hiestand – 3rd place winner of Walk for Fitness. Phillip has walked more than 300.1km in a month of duration. Overall the top ten athletes collectively walked 2,091.9km


(Q1) What was the spark that inspired you to compete in this challenge?

I believe walking is the best sport on earth. It’s calm, inspiring and long lasting. I hope my registration inspire other to feel the same and start walking as much as possible.


(Q2) What was the highlight of this “Walk For Fitness” QUENTIQ Challenge for you?

Every time when Brandon, Joshua, Chris and me were fighting for every km walking distance to save our positions.


(Q3) Do you have a (professional) sports background and did or do you
participate in competitions?

I do sports since eleven. My father and Mom pushed me to go rowing and that was really necessary because I was really lazy. If he didn’t changed my behavior probably I would look different today and didn’t started my own company in health and sports diagnostic. Sometimes I also do running competition like half marathon but running isn’t my sport. I prefer walking and that’s why I’m more into the quentiq challenge.


(Q4) Was there a single motivation that kept you on track in your
training? If so what was it?

The base for anything you do, is you need to like it and you have to be good in it. Implicit if you good in something you will like it. And this feeling plus my will to be healthy and good looking :-) for anytime in my life keep me on track.


(Q5) How did you feel after winning the “Walk For Fitness” challenge?

Happy and fulfilled. I performed and gained success. What’s better than
this? :-)

(Q6) Any special advice for people that like to walk a lot?

Change your tracks and search for challenging targets. No challenges, no
changes, no fun :-)

(Q7) What’s your next big goal?

My long time goal is to raise the health awareness of everybody. This is slitted in many different short time goals, just follow my activities and you will see some :-)