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Interview 2nd place winner of Walk for Fitness


QUENTIQ “Walk for Fitness” public walking challenge Second place – Silver – is Chris Picaso with 311.1km  Read the full article to find out about.

(Q1) What was the spark that inspired you to compete in this challenge?
I wanted to challenge myself and wanted to know how far can I beat myself. And it was a chance for me to lose some weights

(Q2) What was the highlight of this “Walk For Fitness” QUENTIQ Challenge for you?
My walk from Liestal to Mariastein. I decided to walk after my half day work. While walking, I had a spontanous desire to go to Mariastein. The distance between Liestal and Mariastein is 30kms. I passed through the forest, rocky road and hilly mountains. Which was really a challenge and spiritual experience.

(Q3) Do you have a (professional) sports background and did or do you participate in competitions?

(Q4) Was there a single motivation that kept you on track in your training? If so what was it?
To lose weight

(Q5) How did you feel after winning the “Walk For Fitness” challenge?
Overwhelmed and proud of myself. Because my first goal is to be included in the top 10. I did not expect to be in the top 2 of this challenge.

(Q6) Any special advice for people that like to walk a lot?
Have fun while walking and try different routes.

(Q7) What’s your next big goal?
To join my first marathon in the Philippines.

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