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Status: Walk for Fitness #3


Current status update – after 25 days of the QUENTIQ “Walk for FitnessPublic Walking Challenge.

Public Walking Challenge
On the 10th September 2012 QUENTIQ will launch a new public challenge for all walking enthusiasts called “Walk for Fitness“.
The challenge will run until 10th October 2012.

Top 10 Leader board (03.10.2012)

Rank Challenger Distance [km]
1. Brandon T 414.5
2. Philipp H 202.1
3. Joshua D 201.9
4. Chris P 174.5
5. Yago V 168.7
6. Keno A 109.9
7. Keven P 89.6
8. Neil H 86.9
9. Ken P 83.2
10. Dushyant S 80.9

Like always you are welcome to post your own results in the comment section below.

Take a look at the beautiful captured scenery that the competitors have been viewing during all the walking in the past week. We do not only continue to see impressive distances that challengers are walking, but it seems as if that the challengers are walking around the Clock at every possible time of the day. The photos should give a good impression of the time of the day: Dawn, Night or Dusk.

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