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Latest on dacadoo challenges

September 26, 2012

Status: Walk for Fitness #2


Current status update – after 19 days of the QUENTIQ “Walk for Fitness“ Public Walking Challenge.

Walking Challenge
On the 10th September 2012 QUENTIQ will launch a new public challenge for all walking enthusiasts called “Walk for Fitness“.
The challenge will run until 10th October 2012.


QUENTIQ’s users have again managed to surprise us all with the amount of distance being tracked.

This Challenge has again surprised all of us, to see the impressive distances some challengers are walking, almost every day! Most competitors really started walking seriously with this Challenge for the first time.

The current leader of the Walking Challenge has walked over 330km in 26 days! The 2nd ranked user has walked a distance of more than 182km and the current 3rd ranked has covered 181.6km. Many competitors have very good discipline and do walk every day more than once.

I have to admit it’s crazy! :-) But it’s also indeed great to see what is actually possible if you really want to achieve something.

It’s interesting how even a Ironman triathlete has re-discovered walking as challenging activity while not being able to compete the classic triathlon sports like running, cycling or swimming because of a major injury.

I have been walking a tremendous amount for the Walk for Fitness Challenge, the challenge came at a perfect time for me. To give you a little background about myself, I am a former Ironman triathlete and 320-km cyclist. I say former because I recently suffered from a bicycle accident. Due to my current physical state, I am unable to complete my usual training schedule, which brings me to the public walking challenge. My orthopedic surgeon does not want me to bike or run and especially swim. So, this public challenge has been a means for me to continue an active lifestyle while recovering from my injuries (and of course, to win a GoPro). And I must admit it is also exciting to be learning about the sport of racewalking (I was surprised that the 50-km racewalk event in the Beijing Olympics was completed in about 3 hours 40 minutes!).

You may not know it, but walking is one of the simplest and most effective exercises and almost anyone can do it. Not only is walking one of the best cardiovascular exercises, it is also one of the safest workout exercises you can engage in. There are no big health risks while walking. Another benefit of this outdoor Walking Challenge is that , you will have the twin rewards of not only looking physically fit but feeling mentally fit in ways that just don’t happen when you exercise indoors on a treadmill. Fitness experts say that power walks are a great way to blow off steam as well as burn calories, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of stress.

I personally love to take some time walking to discover my environment in the green or even my urban surroundings. Yesterday evening I walked home again, instead of taking the public transport and I enjoyed it particularly because of the end of summer weather we have at the moment in Switzerland. Not to warm. Nor to cold.

A stunning view of the panorama near Zurich in Switzerland while walking. You can relax your mind by enjoying nature. It’s just you and nature.


Top 10 Leader board (26.10.2012)

Rank Challenger Distance [km]
1. Brandon T 331.1
2. Philipp H 182.0
3. Joshua D 181.6
4. Chris P 124.2
5. Yago V 120.3
6. Keno A 76.9
7. Ken P 71.6
8. Dushyant S 70.6
9. Katrin L 55.9
10. Manuel H 48.7

You are welcome to post your own results in the comment section below.

What’s the QUENTIQ  Public Challenge “Walk for Fitness”

The 10th September 2012 QUENTIQ will launch a new public challenge for all walking enthusiasts called “Walk for Fitness“. The challenge will run until 10th October 2012.

This public challenge is open to all existing users as well as for all new users. The ranking will be done based on the most walked distance.


Instructions how to join any QUENTIQ Public Challenge.

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