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Latest on dacadoo challenges

September 21, 2012

Wayve – 111km Lake of Zurich run


«The Wayve» a 111km run around the Lake of Zurich in Switzerland.

Date: Saturday, Sept. 22. 2012 – Starting from 7 o’clock
LocationStart / Finish: Badi deep wells, Zurich
Distance: 111 km
Official website:

The Wayve is another major running events in Switzerland which is a real dream for all the true longdistance-runners out there.

The route: It starts on the mountain ranges around the Lake of Zurich. From the beach to the deep wells Forch, the panhandle to Rapperswil at the upper lake, to Schmerikon Buechberg, laughing, to the Etzel, Hirzel, Horgenberg, down into the valley of the Sihl and back to the city of Zurich.

Image: The Wayve: Distance 111 kilometers – Altitude about 1800 meters

Update Tuesday 25.09.2012

Photo of the QUENTIQ running team Team for the Wayve 2012.

  • André – Stage 1
  • Martina – Stage 2
  • Tom – Stage 3
  • Toby – Stage 4
  • Jürg – Stage 5
  • Gabi – Stage 6

Live actual running status

Check out the QUENTIQ running team LIVE status on the QUENTIQ Health Platform.
QUENTIQ The Wayve team consist of: Gabriela, Martina, Tom, André and Jürg.

André Naef – The Wayve, Stage 1:

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Tom Zuerrer – The Wayve:

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Lucia Thalmann  and her boyfriend Pablo Erat are also participating in the race and support the ON AG team.
Lucia Thalmann – The Wayve, Stage 1:

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Gabriela Keller – The Wayve, Stage 5:

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Jürg Gabathuler – The Wayve, Stage 6:

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