dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

September 21, 2012

dacadoo latest release 1.5!


We are pleased to present dacadoo’s completely redesigned user interface! We hope you will enjoy our new look and feel!

In the Challenges section, you can now select a New Challenge Goal: be the fastest to track a specific distance. This way, you can set up a challenge over a specific distance (e.g. 5km, 10km, 20km, etc.) during a period of time and compete with your friends to being the fastest to cover that specific distance.

We have also further refined our gaming features:

Firstly, we offer improved support for new users to enable them to quickly navigate around the platform and understand what activities contribute to their Level and Achievements. This will become visible through notifications on the home screen.

Secondly, to make the Level system more attractive and enduring, we have increased the number of levels from 5 to 10. dacadoo users can now accumulate points to the maximum Level 10. When a user reaches Level 5 or Level 10, dacadoo will offer a toast for this achievement!

Finally, we have increased the number of Achievements on dacadoo. With autumn around the corner and nights getting shorter for those of us based in the Northern Hemisphere, we added some specific Achievements for this season to keep you motivated to continue outdoor activities. If you walk or run in the evening, for example, you will be able to earn new Achievements. If you do fitness activities above the polar circle, you will earn new Achievements, etc.

We wish you lots of fun with this latest release from dacadoo!

Your dacadoo team


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