Latest on dacadoo challenges

Latest on dacadoo challenges

September 14, 2012

Status: Walk for Fitness #1


Current status update – after the first 5 days of the QUENTIQ “Walk for Fitness” public walking challenge.

The current leader of the Walking Challenge has been walking over 100km in 5 days, this is equal to 5 times a half marathon (21.1km). Yesterdays male challenge leader achieved 29km in 8 walking sequences. The current female challenge leader walked already a total distance of 32.3km. The lead is constantly changing depending on the user activity and time zones.

Another anonymous user has provided me with his QUENTIQ tracker screen as proof of his latest walking achievement of over 17.4km in more or less 3 hours.

We have also new users like Chris, who are where active walking on some days almost 15km on one piece with a average speed of 5.9km/h which is very nice too! Keep it up!

Some insights about my own best walking activity – yesterday. I walked from the office directly home. The walk duration was 1:17 hour for a distance of 7.2km with an average walking speed of 5.6 km/h. The stats say I used a total of 330 kcal Energy having a ascent of 66m and a descent of 31m. Lucky me the rain just started when I arrived home :-)

Top 10 Leader board

Rank Challenger Distance [km]
1. Brandon T 102.4
2. Philipp H 79.1
3. Joshua D 74.9
4. Yago V 42.1
5. Dushyant S 34.3
6. Bettina V 32.3
7. Ken P 26.2
8. Chris P 24.1
9. Keno A 22.7
10. Manuel H 21.7

You are free to post your own results in the comment section below.



Challenge prizes: 1st place will receive a portable digital Go Pro HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition Sport camera and a North Face Base Camp Duffel Bag (size L). The 2nd place prize will be a GPS-enabled Garmin Forerunner 210 Sports Watch. 3rd place receives a sports bag from Deuter.

Go Pro HD Hero2North Face Base Camp Duffel Bag

Deuter attack 18L backpack Wahoo Fitness Run Pack Withings body scale
The athlete has to send their recording via email to lucia.thalmann @ QUENTIQ will then select the most impressive route and award the athlete with a body scale by Withings and a Run/Gym pack for your smartphone.


What’s the QUENTIQ  Public Challenge “Walk for Fitness”

The 10th September 2012 QUENTIQ will launch a new public challenge for all walking enthusiasts called “Walk for Fitness“. The challenge will run until 10th October 2012.

This public challenge is open to all existing users as well as for all new users. The ranking will be done based on the most walked distance.


Instructions how to join any QUENTIQ Public Challenge.

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