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Latest on dacadoo challenges

September 3, 2012

2nd place winner of the QUENTIQ’s Public Running Challenge


This week we catch up with the 2nd place winner of the QUENTIQ’s Public Running Challenge: Pascal Misch. Pascal ran more than 600 Km at the “Burn your Sneakers Challenge”! Read the full article to find out about.

(Q1) Has your life changed with QUENTIQ?
I am used to working with records of “body data” as I am working in the medical area. First of all, I started to use QUENTIQ to capture my sports data. Step by step, I got to know the various functions of QUENTIQ. The Health Score is a positive tool and gives good feedback that reflects a part of my physical and mental fitness. QUENTIQ helped me to get more in touch with my own fitness. The different functions of QUENTIQ support me in an optimal way and they are especially motivating. I started using QUENTIQ in a very playful way and it has now become a regular companion.

(Q2) Do you have a (professional) sports background and did or do you participate in competitions?
I have always been doing sports in my life, but never in a professional way. I have been a passionate football player. For professional reasons, I had to take a step back and started running more instead. I have run the Münster and Hamburg marathons twice.

(Q3) How or where did you find QUENTIQ?
I read about QUENTIQ in an article in a mobile magazine and was then waiting impatiently for the release.

(Q4) What is your motivation?
I want to align my professional and private life. Therefore my work/life balance plays an important role in my life. Due to injury, I had to pause for nine months, up until end of year 2010, and could only start slowly jogging in the second half of 2011. I particularly wanted to be “fit” again. By using QUENTIQ I have found a lasting companion.
(Q5) How did you feel after winning the “Burn your Sneakers” challenge?
Of course I was happy about my second place. At first, I only wanted to place on the scoreboard. After the first few runs, I enjoyed it more and more and it became fun to measure myself with other QUENTIQ users or to follow their runs. By the end, I had a strong drive to keep running. Already in the first week, I set my goal to be 600 km. That I reached the second place with this distance was not something I had expected to achieve.
(Q6) Do you have any running advice to share?
I do agree with Tom Zürrer’s comment on that question. I congratulate Tom and  all the other participants. I always used to run with music but not in this challenge. It was a wonderful feeling to be only focusing on myself and on my run. In a “multi-tasking world,” the re-conscious orientation towards the running was essential for me. This experience will always stay in my memory.
(Q7) What’s the next big personal goal in your life?
Due to the intensive time in the Challenge, I have found new motivation to run another marathon.

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