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Patrice Coupy Interview


This week we catch up with the 3rd place winner of the dacadoo’s Public Running Challenge: Patrice Coupy. Patric ran more than 478 Km at the “Burn your Sneakers Challenge”! Read the full article to find out about.

(Q1) Has your life changed with dacadoo?
No, dacadoo has not changed my life, but dacadoo helps me to practice sports.

(Q2) Do you have a (professional) sports background and did or do you participate in competitions?
I started to run 12 years ago, when I stopped smoking.  At the beginning it was very difficult because I had never worn sneakers in my life. I am a persistent guy and now I have already run 10 marathons!

(Q3) How or where did you find dacadoo?
I found dacadoo because I’m a friend of Peter Ohnemus. Peter explained me how dacadoo worked. I was curious, tried it out and since then dacadoo is my workout companion.

(Q4) What is your motivation?
First of all, I run for my health, body and spirit. After one week of the challenge, I saw that I could be at the top. It was then that I increased my kilometers and really enjoyed the running. I followed every day the other runners on the ranking list and tried to keep in the top 3.

(Q5) How did you feel after winning the “Burn your Sneakers” challenge?
I was happy to finish in 3rd place, and was a little bit tired.

(Q6) Do you have any running advice to share?
To put one foot after the other and to be mentally strong. In endurance running, the mental strength is the most important. You have to be strict with yourself. During the running challenge, it was too hot to run in the evenings. So, I woke up every morning at 5:00am and started my run at 5.30 before I went to the office.

(Q7) What’s the next big personal goal in your life?
In my sporting life, it will be the New York City Marathon in November 2012. I will also attempt to a 100 kilometer run at least once in my life. My dream is the Marathon des Sables in 2 years.



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