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Winners: public running challenge #1


We are proud to announce the winners of our QUENTIQ “Burn Your Sneakers” public running challenge. The QUENTIQ “Burn Your Sneakers” challenge was the first of its kind…

Burn Your Sneaker

Tom Zuerrer won – Gold – for the Public Challenge. Second place – Silver – is Pascal Misch with 600 km and the third place – Bronze – went to Patrice Coupy 478 km.

Start date was Tuesday the 10th of July 2012 at 10 PM UTC and the challenge end date was the 10th of August 2012 at 10 PM UTC.

These where 31 days! Ok I have to admit there was a rocket start. Some participants started with the challenge at the exact start time. This might have been more difficult for other depending on which part of the world you are located. We were very impressed how international many of the “Burn Your Sneakers” competitors are. According to the recorded GPS route material we have been analyzing the past 31 days we have athletes running on several locations. Let’s start with the furthest away from our home base here in Zurich, Switzerland. This would be India and Singapore, USA, Sweden, England, France, Germany and of course in Switzerland.

The top ten athletes collectively ran 2,984.8km and those ranked 11 to 20 athletes ran over 788km in total.


Public challenge competition Prizes
GOLD: $3000
SILVER:  $2000
BRONZE: $1000


Burn Your Sneakers Top 10 runners Leaderboard – Saturday 11th August 2012

Rank Challenger Distance [km]
1. Tom Z 721.3
2. Pascal M 600.0
3. Patrice C 478.0
4. Matthias D 300.2
5. André N 209.1
6. Josephine P 150.8
7. Brigitte A 145.5
8. Wolfgang S 142.4
9. Erik J 128.3
10. Virginia M 109.2
11. Gabriela K 105.2
12. Manuel H 102.8
13. Nikolay Z 85.5
14. Johan J 82.7
15. Mark H 78.0
16. Michael G 71.7
17. Duncan W 69.0
18. Irene J 67.8
19. Christof M 63.1
20. Kasper W 62.4

You are free to post your own results in the comment section below.

What’s the QUENTIQ  Public Challenge “Burn Your Sneakers”
The public challenge is open to all existing QUENTIQ users as well as for all new users who want to test the QUENTIQ platform for free for 60 days. The challenge will run from July 10th to midnight of August 9th, 2012 and the three highest-ranked, male and female, who completed the most distance will win the challenge. All distances have to be recorded with the QUENTIQ tracker app to be counted and the app is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones in their respective app stores.

Please see the How It Works blog article for full details.


Winner Feedback

I am very happy having had an opportunity to run in this challenge, which had been beautifully designed and moderated by Quentiq. I have learnt a lot about myself and my limits, and best of all, the challenge has given me a lot of room for my thoughts during the over 70 hours I have spent running.

– Tom Zürrer


Finisher Feedback

Ce défi m a permis de pousser très loin les limites que j’imaginais avoir. Ce défi et ces participants vous attirent dans une spirale incroyable et vous motive a dépasser vos limites. Merci a quentiq! Pour la suite ce sera un mois un peu plus calme et dès septembre la préparation pour le NY Marathon.

– Patrice Coupy


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