dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

August 9, 2012

dacadoo mobile site is launched!


From now on you can take dacadoo everywhere with you!

The mobile site:

In addition to our frequent platform releases and specific smart phone app development, we (the dacadoo developers) have also been working very hard to finalize the dacadoo mobile site. That’s why today, we are very proud to announce the launch of our dedicated mobile site which is available at

Visiting will bring users to the site.

You’ll now be able to take dacadoo everywhere with you. We have completely recreated the user experience for native smart phone users.

The dacadoo mobile site gives you a simple way to access all your dacadoo information in one place and on the go. The mobile site has many useful features such as the “Live map”. This displays a map of where all your friends are in real-time. The “Fitness” tab shows a detailed “management cockpit” of your past activities in the form of a chart. This means you can see how much energy and how many fitness hours you have been investing recently in a simple and easy to read format. The mobile site has been developed using a responsive-design, open-source, mobile framework that enables almost any device and platform to navigate the site.

Users can Login with their existing dacadoo platform account or create a new account directly on their mobile phone. Once logged in you will see  your real-time personal dacadoo Health Score. It’s a number from 1 (bad) to 1’000 (excellent).

I “only” have a QHS of 669 today, but my QHS is increasing constantly – the more activities I do, the more my personal Health Score will increase.


Below the Health Score you will see the full dacadoo mobile navigation menu designed to be accessed through a mobile-friendly user interface. You can easily switch between the navigation tabs and you always have the option to navigate directly to the home tab.


dacadoo mobile site – navigation:

  • News (All news from my friends or all the conversations in which I have been involved)
  • Notifications (Such as a friend request or a challenge invitation)
  • Profile (See your actual Biography and your location as on the platform. QUENTIQ Health Score chart showing a new overview of the Health Reservoir Score – Dark green = Health Pool | Green = Bonus Pool | Red = Daily decay. In the footer of the profile tab you will see traditional buttons: ‘About’ being selected by default. ‘News’ which will display your own news items. Friends where you can browse through your friend list and see what they have been up to. If you double tap, you can also view the Friends of your friend. This will only be visible if your friend allows this over his privacy settings. You can also invite directly over list specific user to be friends with you – Add Friend)
  • Fitness (QUENTIQ Health Score graphic chart showing a new overview of the Health Reservoir Score – Dark green = Health Pool | Green = Bonus Pool | Red = Daily decay)
  • Live Map (See your friends activities in real-time on the world map)
  • Achievements (Gives a general overview of all the achievements you have received which are organized in categories. You can see more detail by tapping on each category!)
  • Leagues (Find people with similar interest in your region)
  • Challenges (See all your accepted challenges – see the finished challenges and the ones that are still in progress. If the privacy settings of the user are open – then you can add a challenge participant as a Friend)

How-To bookmark on your smartphone
Don’t forget to bookmark us on your smartphone!
You can easily create a custom mobile launch icon for iPhone and Android Smartphones home screen.

1. Tap the arrow-out-of-a-box button at the bottom of the Safari window
2. Select the “Add to Home Screen” Tap
3. Tap the “Add” button – you can change the naming if you want.


1. On the home screen long-press in open space
2. Add to Home Screen box pop-up -> tap “Shortcuts” -> tap “Bookmark” -> tap on thumbnail of site to add its launcher/web clip icon to your home screen

or another method for Android
1. Open the browser “bookmarks” screen
2. Long-press the bookmark you want
3. Select “Add shortcut to Home”

If you haven’t tried out yet the mobile experience! Go dacadoo Mobile!

Security and Privacy
Always remember, safety first :-) thats why with such highly sensitive data, such as weight and blood values, are not available on

Even the mobile site runs over a HTTPS communications protocol for secure communication. User which log-in will stay logged in for a maximum of 30 days. After this period of time the login screen will apear again. Also this is for best for usability and security. dacadoo is a security focused company and our aim is to be at least Bank- and Military level security. All this for the protection of the highly sensitive data personal data.

dacadoo Tracker for smartphone
Regardless of the new dacadoo mobile site you will still need to track your activities with one of the several available dacadoo Tracker apps which are available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. This Tracker app allows you to accurately track your outdoor (GPS enabled) and indoor fitness activities. The so gathered information will be securely uploaded over a internet connection and saved into the dacadoo platform.

The dacadoo Platform is a secure health platform which inspires you to live a healthier life. The platform calculates your personal dacadoo Health Score, the indicator of your current health status. By integrating gaming and social networking principles, dacadoo motivates you to be active in a fun and easy way by tracking and comparing your personal health, lifestyle and sport. By registering on you can automatically upload your completed fitness activities on the dacadoo health platform.

dacadoo mobile supported devices
The dacadoo mobile site is supported by following devices and platforms

Apple: iPhone,
Android: HTC Incredible, Droid, HTC Aria, Google Nexus S
Windows Phones: HTC Surround, HTC Trophy , LG-E900, Nokia Lumia 800
Blackberrys: Torch 9800 and Style 9670

Apple iPad
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Kindle 3 and Fire
Nook Color 1.4.1
Blackberry Playbook
Motorola XOOM


Give us feedback: As always, all ideas and comments about mobile are very much welcome!

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