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August 7, 2012 – Quantified Self as a business model

By Blog Review: 7th August 2012

Summary in English directly from the german article speaking about QUENTIQs Quantified Self as a business model QUENTIQs Quantified Self as a business model.

QUENTIQ Selbstquantifizierung als Geschaeftsmodell

The prominent startup QUENTIQ focuses on the trend of “quantified self” and wants to make fitness measurable. For the Quantified Self movement followers there are already numerous Web services that map the way to personal fitness or health goals. For example, the fitness app RunKeeper, which works with supporting devices. In Switzerland the online nutrition coach eBalance, owned by the NZZ. What is still missing for the makers of QUENTIQ is a service that  combines several of these same functions on one single platform. Here you can capture the health-conscious quantifier his vitals and his sports activities through cross-linkable devices, smart phone app or by hand. For this the user  receives from QUENTIQ a score that demonstrates his personal fitness on a scale of 1 to 1000 and becomes comparable over time: QUENTIQ is taking an broad approach to track that with the so called “Health score”.


Source: QUENTIQs Quantified Self as a business model



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