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August 2, 2012

Wearable Technology Conference in San Francisco


The Wearable Technologies Conference II 2012 was another one day conference that took place on July 24, 2012 in Fort Mason Centre, San Francisco, California, USA.

It offered some interesting insights and an overview of current trends regarding fitness, health and prevention topics. There were over 20 speakers including representatives from Texas Instruments, AiQ, Varta, intel, Zeo, Pebble, Roche, Dualis, BodyMedia, QUENTIQ and many more from the digital fitness, health and wearable tech space. Beside companies there where also researchers, students, artists, retailers, component suppliers and media/press representatives attending the conference.

The conference participants had an opportunity to explore and discuss the latest wearable technology innovations. The WT conference day was packed with many speakers who spoke in four tracks: Sports & Fitness, New Interfaces & Innovative Technologies, Consumer Gadgets, and Health. Speakers presented on topics ranging from batteries, sensing technology, diagnostics, and consumer gadgets, to principles for creating wearable tech for broader consumer markets.

It was an exciting opportunity to sit among the developers, designers and entrepreneurs who are driving the next generation of technologies particularly for someone enthusiastic about the future of tech.


Data is key. Connectivity is a product feature fundamental to the user experience. Just as mobile phones offer access on an ongoing basis, all wearable tech (esp. devices) must offer seamless connectivity with other products and platforms. This is especially true for clothing and apparel. Sensing technology is the next wave for apparel and the perfect conduit for obtaining, transmitting, and restructuring data. The implications for sports, health, and safety are, for lack of a better term, huge.

WTconference break: Deepak Prakash and Mark Hoffman exchanging insights about wearable technologies…

Some highlights of the conference include the amazing kickstarter project Pebble presented by Eric Migicovsky, who already draw a lot of media’s attention. In the innovative technologies session, Brooks Kincaid from Imprint Energy will present his innovative Zinc PolyT batteries for printable, flexible and rechargeable batteries.

From QUENTIQ we had Mark B. Hoffman, our President & CEO QUENTIQ Americas, Inc who spoke about “The Future of Mobile Health” and for sure also about the QUENTIQ Health Platform.


Wearable Technologies
Wearable Technologies was founded in 2006 and since then over 150 companies joined the network to establish business contacts, launch new products, and to benefit from technology transfer opportunities. WT can be divided into four main technology categories: materials, sensors, communication and energy.

For more information about the conference, go to the WTconference site here.

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