dacadoo updates

dacadoo updates

July 30, 2012

Workout calender journal


I have to admit – I really love the new calender view dacadoo has since the last redesign.

Calender view

You will find this overview inside the main *Journal* tab, click on Journal / Fitness / Workout / Calender and you should see then your own personal workout visualization like above.

Depending on how active you have been in the past, there will be many activity icons showing up. Like for example the las Saturday, 14 of July I tracked quite a lot of activities that day :-)

On the right side in the green box you will see summarized – the weekly physical fitness activities you have tracked. First number show the total time spent in hours and the number below will your the burned kcal during that period. It does not matter if the activity was tracked live with a smartphone or manually entered later over the QUENTIQ platform, both ways will synchronize your workout with your data on the QUENTIQ Health Platform and will show up on the Calender View.

In the header of the screen you see the overall insights – how long you spent working out,  how many calories you have burned, your average speed and my own own favorite metric which is the “Power” in Watt you have invested :-)

For those who are not familiar with the Watt metric – think of a person having a mass of 100 kilograms who climbs a 3 meter high ladder in 5 seconds. This person is doing work at a rate of about 600 watts. You will find further explanations on the Wikipedia Watt article here.


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