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HowTo QUENTIQ Public Challenge


Instructions how to join any QUENTIQ Public Challenge

If you are not yet registered user of QUENTIQ then seize this opportunity and register today on

(2/6) Log-in with your username and password to and select the top navigation “Challenges”

(3/6) In “Challenges” click on “Join Challenge” on the row with the Challenge you would like to join.

(4/6) After having joined a Public Challenge you should see a similar screen.

(5/6) Now you can start tracking all your running activities with your smartphone. You will need to download the QUENTIQ Tracker app, available on iPhone (Apple iOS),   BlackBerry or Android (Google Play).

(6/6) Once the QUENTIQ Tracker is installed, you will see a round button labeled NEW at the bottom of the screen. Push that button and select the activity: “Running”. Then start tracking your running by pushing the START button. After completing your workout don’t forget to press the STOP button of your workout.

Public Challenge rules
You will always find the latest Public Challenge Disclaimer here.

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