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June 7, 2012

Review: 2012 WT Conference


The Wearable Technologies Conference 2012

The Wearable Technologies Conference 2012 was a one day conference that took place on January 30, 2012 in Munich, Germany. It offered a comprehensive overview of current trends regarding fitness, health and prevention topics. The conference participants had an opportunity to explore and discuss the latest wearable technology innovations. There were over 20 speakers including representatives from DFK, PHILIPS, moticon, AiQ, mc10, QUENTIQ, Fraunhofer IIS, PFO, BodyTel, Qualcomm, Everist, Roche, Insulet Corporation, everon, nda, Pancreum, imec, sensaris, sensingTex and gesis.


Keynote speaker
The keynote speaker was the German Professor Paul Lukowicz who is the scientific director at DFKI (Embedded Intelligence Lab). His research focuses on ubiquitous sensing, wearable computing, context awareness, pervasive healthcare, and self-organized systems. Professor Paul Lukowicz gave an inspiring overview about the wearable computers of the past.  He concluded his speech by saying that the Smartphone has paved the way for wearable systems. The smartphone will enable technology to rapidly progress for Wearable Technologies of today.

QUENTIQs CEO speaking WT-conference

QUENTIQs CEO speaking WT-conference

Conference speakers
After this keynote, the conference speakers gave presentations on behalf of  lifestyle and well being, trends in health and medical and future innovations in the Wearable Technologies field. Philips and the Gesis Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences presented emotion-sensing concepts. Two additional solutions for this area were presented by Qualcomm and PFO. Qualcomm outlined current augmented reality (AR) options for smartphone applications. PFO proudly presented their stylish bodyguard bracelet and explained the challenges of creating a safety product for young independent women of today. Diabetes was a hotly discussed conference topic. Insulet demonstrated their Omnipod system comprising two wireless components in relation to the conventional insulin pumps. Pancreum gave a futuristic view of their visionary concept and presented a complete artificial pancreas system called Genesis. Roche outlined their diabetes solutions and also stressed the importance of medical product certification. BodyTel displayed their complete and fully functional telemedical solution for glucose, blood pressure and weight monitoring that works with a regular smartphone and is available for patients and health professionals alike.

Peter Ohnemus QUENTIQs CEO speaking WT-conference

Peter Ohnemus QUENTIQs CEO speaking WT-conference


After just having launched their platform, Quentiq introduced its health management solution centered around its core metric Healthscore. Based on the analysis of millions of health data points from some of the biggest long-term studies available, Quentiq has built an index that represents the overall physical conditions of its users. In order to calculate this healthscore, the company offers mobile applications for tracking sports activities, integrating data from various available sensors and utilizing self-assessments for its users. All this information merged together cumulates in the Healthscore, a single number that describes your overall health likeliness. Just as discussed in the German media as a future scenario, Quentiq‘s business model intends to cooperate with health insurance companies, which might take the neutral healthscore as a basis to create an incentive for their customers to lead a healthier lifestyle. Quentiq‘s promise to foster fitness with game mechanics is an interesting approach to cope with the ever-rising health costs in our society.

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Several other smart technology concepts were presented. The Fraunhofer IIS gave an overview of their work on wearable sensors and wireless data transmission. AiQ showed their solutions for integrating different technologies into washable garments. A joint presentation from Sensaris and SensingTex showed how wearable lighting and sensing solutions can be controlled via the internet. MC10 unveiled their amazing development – the electronic skin tattoo – using electronic components that conform to and stretch to match the human body. IMEC gave a truly remarkable insight into their project on garments with hidden thermoelectric energy harvesters.


“Thanks for everything during WTconference.”

– Steven Huang, AiQ

“It was a hammer conference…”

– Peter Ohnemus, QUENTIQ AG

“Thank you very much for inviting us at the conference, congratulations for the organization!”

– Miquel Ridao Granado, Sensing Tex

Wearable Technologies
Wearable Technologies was founded in 2006 and since then over 150 companies joined the network to establish business contacts, launch new products, and to benefit from technology transfer opportunities. WT can be divided into four main technology categories: materials, sensors, communication and energy.

This years WT conference took place at the leading sports business trade show – ISPO MUNICH. ISPO offers more than simply product innovations, it also focuses on conferences and thematic exhibitions. This year in particular the focus is on future markets and professional marketing concepts for the sporting goods industry.

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