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Yeti hunting with QUENTIQ in the himalayas


Himalaya Mountains

An anonymous QUENTIQ member is using the QUENTIQ Tracker for their ascents in the Himalaya Mountains, north of the Indian subcontinent! The Himalayan mountain range is the world’s highest, and is home to the world’s greatest peaks. Including the Eight-thousanders, the most famous being Mount Everest and K2.

Image: QUENTIQ map of the Himalaya mountain region (NEPAL) with the GPS route points: Green (Start-point) and Red (End-point)

In the following QUENTIQ screen we see the altitude and overall performance which shows valuable data of the current GPS-track route, where our intrepid climber is heading to the top of the world!

Image: QUENTIQ-performance screen showing altitude and overall health analytic data

This is a perfect example of how using the QUENTIQ Sports Tracker allows you to share your experiences with your QUENTIQ-friends. From the highest mountain ranges to the deepest oceans QUENTIQ is able to track any sporting activity on the planet earth.

The altitude where our sportsman is active is just about above the ‘Very High Altitude’ range, where severe altitude illness is most commonly experienced. Even for well-trained athletes this kind of extreme activity is very challenging.

Only healthy athletes with consistent training and a with good physical fitness can challenge themselves.

WARNING: This dangerous and extreme endurance workout is highly recommended for absolutely top trained sport freaks!

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