Data Security

Data security

Given that dacadoo manages personal and potentially sensitive health data, data privacy and security has always been at the very core of the dacadoo health platform.

All communication with the dacadoo health platform is protected by HTTPS.

This is the secure version of the HTTP protocol commonly used on the Internet. dacadoo uses the highest degree of security certificate available on the market to protect the identity of its servers.

You can verify this from the green address bar that is shown along with our company name, dacadoo ag, inside your browser.

All dacadoo user data is securely protected. Using state-of-the-art cryptographic methods, dacadoo breaks the link between user data and the account the data belongs to. Only the security server located deep inside the dacadoo infrastructure has the ability to restore the link between a data fragment and its user account. dacadoo’s highly protected security server will only perform this action if your identity has been verified for the current session. Of course, dacadoo also use traditional encryption to protect sensitive data.

The dacadoo platform operates in a data center with state-of-the-art logical and physical security. To defend against possible attackers, dacadoo employs firewall technology not only on the network layer, but also on the application layer. Our data center it is located in a bunker deep in the Swiss Alps for the best physical security.

This location allows for unique security measures. For example, the level of oxygen in our data center is artificially lowered so that no fire can break out.