Major iPhone tracker app release

New QUENTIQ tracker app 1.5

Update your iPhone QUENTIQ Tracker app now, because a major release has just been approved by the Apple Store right now! So go update your Tracker App now!
The tracker app has been totally reworked. When you log-in you will immediately see your own profile photo and your personal Health Score. You can also see how the Health Score is trending (arrow on the top right corner of the Health Score) and on the bottom right corner of your profile photo you will see a number which indicates your current level. QUENTIQ has enabled 10 seniority levels from 1 (beginner) to 10 (expert).

When you swipe from right to left on the home screen you will see the your own Health Score overview, with the 3 key pillars. My Feelings (purple), My Body (blue) and My Activities (green).

  • Introduction of the new version of the QUENTIQ Health Score
  • New visualization of QUENTIQ Health Score components

tracker-welcome-screen tracker-health-score-screen

  • Various user interface and navigation improvements
  • New home screen with Health Score and swipe navigation
  • New visualization of Health Score components
  • To add a workout, use the “+” button at the top right
  • Updated login screen with register and forgot password links

02-tracker_Manual-Entry-1 Tracker activities

04-tracker_Map-1 03-tracker_Cockpit-1

Tracker workouts Sensor manager

  • The tracker also has a sensor manager wizard for connecting heart rate sensors
  • Manual entry now on add workout screen

QUENTIQ sports physical exercise

  • More GPS Activities are now included
  • New visualization of Activities

Various bug fixes

  • Fix index out of bounds crash in invite contacts
  • Fix UINavigationBar setStatusBarHidden: unrecognized selector crash
  • Various small fixes
  • Inconsistent GUI when logged-in but no profile/qhs data available
  • Sensor Manager: Not possible to disable connection
  • Fix flushing of GPS filter
  • For finished workouts, do not show map flip button if map empty
  • Update non-retina icons
  • General workout session (no GPS) triggered a map view (Lock/Unlock phone)
  • Fix average speed 0 for older workouts
  • Disable speed limit feature on older phones
  • When workout paused, show average speed
  • Simplified auto-pause settings


Supported devices
The QUENTIQ Tracker app for iPhone supports following devices here.


App Store download link – free: QUENTIQ Tracker iPhone App

QUENTIQ Tracker for smartphone
Track your activities with one of the several available QUENTIQ Tracker apps which are available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. This Tracker app allows you to accurately track your outdoor (GPS enabled) and indoor fitness activities. The so gathered information will be securely uploaded over a internet connection and saved into the QUENTIQ platform –


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